AAltair (aaltair) wrote in thetans,

I exist, therefore you're wrong...

Ta-da! I'm back from the dead, all gradumatated and everything!

I don't use my name online - just the same username - (some desperate, doomed attempt at security) so you'll have to guess, but I'll tell you that my last name isn't Leung, I just finished at Whitman College, and my SO (also a friend of yours) and I have more food allergies than anyone else on the planet, so now you know.

How are you all? I hear there's been quite the soap opera since I left: how shocking!

Trivia fact of the day: Whitman's unofficial mascot? The duck. (There's a duckfest every year where about 50 people make and decorate ducks in all different themes. I did a carpet called "Ducks a la Escher.")
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