lokie (lokiect) wrote in thetans,

It's a little late, but it has to be shared:

(dan logs in)

LOKIE: haha, I'm gonna visit deeps and her man dan can't stop me!

DAN: *blink* *blink*

LOKIE: have you visited your lovely love bug, sir?

DEEPS: we already knew he isn't man enough

DAN: She hasn't sent me a single invitation! Not a one! She's left me high and
with not a word!

DEEPS: invitation??????????????????
Did I _invite_ Lokie???

LOKIES: (dude, if I waited for an invitation I'd never see anyone ;9 )

IAN: dan, it was your moral imperative to search every mountain, comb every
valley, and scour the deserts to find your deepali.

EMILY: one doesn't *invite* the lokie. one lights candles, draws pentagrams,
and hopes for the best.

DEEPS: sob! I never thought I would have to _invite_ the man who proposes to

MO: one uses the right lure and paints the pentagram w/ epoxy

LOKIE: hey, I like candles... and pentagrams...

DAN: After all the times you said you wanted distance, and time to think it
over (at least, that's how I translated your screams) I didn't want to impose
on your space. I'm doing the best I can!

IAN: and you took her literally? ;9

DEEPS: ::cries::
I should have known you never really meant all those things you said!

MO: of course not deeps. he's a theoretical mathematician. you need better
taste in guys.

DAN: Oh, my darling Deepsipoo, I've been holding myself back all this time
because I thought I was causing you pain. If you're saying that's not the

DEEPS: hey I am not the one who went to him and begged for his affection

DAN: Begged! *Begged!*

MO: remember, all these things he's saying, in his head is just klein bottles
and doughnuts

LOKIE: mo, you're so cruel! you're just forcing deepali to remember the pain!

DAN: Oh, I don't know what to do! There's no good way out of this.

DEEPS: ::cries loudly::
He lied to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOKIE: (plan a trip!)

DAN: ...

DEEPS: you didn't mean any of those things you said you me.
you lied....sob!!!

MO: lie - logically false statement

DAN: That's not true! I meant them all!

LOKIE: LIE - Long Island Expressway

DEEPS: (planning a trip would be too sensible and manly for him!)

MO: this is getting ugly. please take it off the class onto primetime
television. Thankx

DAN: I sit here and take all these insults --- do I ever retaliate? Do I ever
anything in response? No! I just do what I think is best for Deepali, no
matter how much it hurts.

DEEPS: so you admit that you don't even respond!

DAN: I do respond. But I never insult you back.

DEEPS: don't you see dan? that's what she *wants*
you're jus tnot giving it to her

ANDY_S: your refusal to be insulting disgusts me.

back in my day, my pledge sibs could insult a nail into a wall,
straight, with no hammer, and pry it out again with another insult.

EMILY: dan - i think the only way out of your dilemma is to write a poem
expressing your true feelings

MO: I'm your tautology, cause I'll always be true

DEEPS: now you are accusing me of intentionally hurting you!

DAN: I said no such thing.

DEEPS: Sure you didnt' say it. Its called being _passive aggressive_!

DAN: I won't get into this.

JEFF: I'm not sure you're being clear to anyone about what you want here,
Deepali. i'm sure if you just state it clearly, Dan would do his best to

DEEPS: ::cries::
He doesn't "want to get into this"
and now he doesn't even know what I want!

JEFF: do you know what you want, Deeps?

EMILY: at the rate you're crying, i think what you want is a canoe to float
yourself to boston

LOKIE: ok, dan, I think it's time you give up, tear her apart, and
find a new girl- to be particularly harsh, a cute widdle
freshman at uiuc ;9

DEEPS: thats what you have wanted all along, haven't you?

LOKIE: I should have made popcorn first

DAN: No! I will do no such thing!

LOKIE: (gah, now I have the image of the sketchy-greasy-dan. that
is soooooo wrong ;9 )

MO: this is waht reality tv does to you

DEEPS: mo, I dont' think you understand the sentiments involved here!

LOKIE: no, this is what 2 valentine's days does ;9

MO: ignorance is bliss deepali.

DEEPS: he is ignoring me :(
I'll just shut-up now.

LOKIE: aw, poor deepali...
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